TV Technology: Warriors, Samsung Go Biggest At Chase Center

Diversified drives the NBA’s largest LED display with IP-based routing system integration.

Designed and installed in partnership with WJHW, Diversified provided Chase Center, home of the Golden State Warriors, with the ultimate in sports broadcast control room technology with an IP-based routing system integration that will excite crowds for years to come.

By leveraging a room design from WJHW, and working closely with valued partners to include Imagine Communications, Ross, Sony and Samsung, the Diversified team utilized their collective technology offerings in IP-based deployments to create a bespoke, flexible IP solution that not only satisfies the needs of today but also tomorrow. Through networked platforms and routing on a COTS Arista switch under the control of Imagine, Diversified was able to create an HDR-compatible, SMPTE 2110-compliant control room. This solution allows Chase Center to expand in the future as 4K and HDR workflows become more viable and the overall broadcast market’s interoperability capabilities mature.

TV Technology covered the game-changing system in a recent interview with Diversified program manager, Mike Meglathery. “The system at Chase Center is the best-in-class for everything. Absolutely,” Meglathery said. The team and the center went all in to create the best fan experience possible.”

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