Challenge Accepted: COVID-19 Technology Solutions for Higher Ed

How Cutting-Edge AV Technology is Providing a New Path Forward for Higher Ed

It’s no secret that the pandemic completely shifted the way we live our daily lives. Whether working from home full time or juggling returning to the office while the kids are still in virtual school, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t been affected. Still, one potentially beautiful thing that blossomed amid a horrible year was the advancements in technology, specifically for higher education, that allowed us all to adapt the way we did.

podcast higher educationOn day one of the virtual return to school, the distance learning model wasn’t exactly a new concept but certainly one that had never been deployed on such a large scale. In this recent MarketScale podcast, Diversified’s Brad Thomas joined higher ed technology subject matter experts and end users from Sharp NEC Display Solutions, the University of Tennessee Knoxville and UC Merced to discuss challenges faced by learning institutions everywhere—challenges like student engagement, ease of use and even the simple hardship of procuring the equipment needed in a time when everyone was clearing the shelves.

Podcast highlights:

  • Learning institutions scrambled to get remote learning technology equipment
  • Aligning in-person learning strategies with online teaching tools is critical for success
  • Technology put in place during the pandemic could change the learning environment forever