Does Your Business Need a Security Operations Center?

Diversified’s Tim DeLaere explains the need to protect your business and its assets from sophisticated attacks.

In the day and age of sophisticated digital hackers, your concern shouldn’t be if you’re going to get hacked, but what you’re going to do when it happens. Investing in a security operations center (SOC) can be your saving grace during an attempted cybersecurity attack. Cybersecurity is no longer just an IT problem—it’s an organizational issue. Find out if a security operations center is the ideal solution for securing your enterprise against cyber threats.

Understand the Elements of a Security Operations Center

 A security operations center is an organizational hub of highly skilled team members and technology whose goal is to detect, prevent, and respond to cybersecurity threats. A security operations center continually monitors a business’ cybersecurity, preventing serious breaches in real time.

The SOC takes into account the physical safety, the functionality of the center’s layout, and the SOC’s overall design. SOCs require several areas, including a supervisor’s office and an operational room. The design of each zone must optimize comfort, efficiency, and visibility during operations. To find out if building a security operations center is right for your company, ask yourself a few questions:

·      Assess your in-house capabilities. Do you have the tools and expertise to build a SOC in-house? Building your SOC internally is possible with the right leadership and support. If you own a larger organization, you likely already have the in-house tools and skills to build a security operations center successfully.

·      Inspect your team. Do you have the right people in place? You need a team of trained and experienced people to research and identify potential cyber threats. If you don’t have such a team, make sure you have room in the budget to hire one before embarking on building your SOC.

·      Understand your needs. Does your business handle data you need to monitor 24/7? If so, a security operations center can be a game changer. SOCs enable you to carefully track your data around the clock, swooping in to neutralize a threat at a moment’s notice.

·      Look at your budget. Do you have money in the budget to build the facility? Partnering with the right SOC provider can help you adhere to a budget with tailored solutions, but you still have to ensure that you have the money to integrate the equipment you need.

Many modern businesses across several industries could benefit from a security operations center, particularly since business continues to become more data-centric. If you answered yes to these four questions, your business has what it takes to build your own SOC.

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