Cisco & SMPTE’s New York Chapter Kick-off New Year with Panel Discussion

Building Television Systems in a Time of Multiple Technology Transitions

Watch Diversified’s Chief Technology Officer, Karl Paulsen, and esteemed panelists John Turner from Turner Engineering, John Mailhot from Imagine Communications, John Humphrey from Hitachi Kokusai and consultant Mark Schubin in this compelling conversation.

System integrators today are faced with a timing question when it comes to building television systems while technologies are in transition. The question is which should be built into the next facility? Of the multiple technology transitions now in play, is it practical to embrace them all? If all are incorporated, will the resulting facility be affordable, able to be run by current staff, or reliable?

The answers will determine what television facilities will be like for years to come. Below are some of the technology transitions included in the discussion:

1. From hardware to virtual systems

2. To off premise cloud-based systems

3. From hardware purchases to software subscriptions

4. From standards chaos to SMPTE ST 2110

5. From dedicated routing systems to COTS IP routing

6. From ATSC 1.0 to ATSC 3.0

7. From 10 gig to 40/100 gig video transport

8. To OTT distribution

9. From HD to UHD (4K and 8k)

10. From SDR to HDR (high dynamic range)

11. To machine learning driven automation

12. To data driven ad targeting/automation/metadata tagging

13 …and finally, there is 5G, which it is said, “will change everything!”

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