Diversified Supports the IP Showcase at NAB 2018

Broadcast Integration Services Bring Real-Time, Live IP Production Control Room to Life

Want to see the recently adopted IP standards and specifications in action?  Need to learn from the experts how IP parts and pieces work harmoniously together? Are you unsure of how IP will work into your organization’s future? Then the place to go is the IP Showcase at the NAB Show 2018 in Las Vegas. This year, networking and broadcast gear from 60+ manufacturers will be interconnected logically and physically by Diversified’s broadcast integration services team to demonstrate flexibility and functionality in a real-time, live production environment.  Live streamed from the all-IP production control room in the exhibit, presentations at the IP Showcase Theater will discuss the technologies and applications – proving the manufacturer’s solutions work well together in an actual live broadcast world.

Adjacent to the live production control room, other operational kiosks will educate users on the various components and values of an IP network-connected future.

IP Showcase

This showscase demonstrates the benefits and practicality of transitioning to IP workflows using the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards, AES67, and AMWA NMOS specifications. Highlighted will be format flexibility and efficient cabling;

  • Data-loss protection
  • Network resiliency
  • Connection management
  • Choices of interoperable audio equipment

Using open standards created by eight industry standards bodies and trade organizations, including SMPTE, AES, EBU, and others – the move from SDI to IP is now possible and practical. Industry is already embracing IP in a hybrid SDI/IP world.  And, as IP products mature, users may grow into IP or make a full IP-transition while still retaining their current investment in SDI-based resources.

Interoperability is the Key

At its broadest level, interoperability across entire portions of the broadcast infrastructure has been achieved.  To sustain this industry acceptance, IP systems must provide operational consistency, robustness, and resiliency — in the same way SDI has for 30+ years. That will be evident at this year’s NAB IP Showcase.

As these real-time, high bit rate media networks mature, more equipment will go “native-IP.”  Ultimately, this IP-evolution may render SDI an option; with IP eventually replacing the traditional video routers, distribution amplifiers, and the like.

IP interoperability demonstrations have been a part of both the IBC and the NAB since 2016.  Each year manufacturers and organizations demonstrate standards compliance and interoperability at a specially assembled ‘IP InterOp Showcase’ for real-time media. Diversified’s broadcast integration services team continues to participate in the IP and NMOS interoperability testing processes (at Fox Network Center in the Woodlands, Texas) as well as each of the NAB and IBC IP Showcases since April 2017. This year’s NAB is no exception.

Broadcast Integration Services

Come see the work of Diversified broadcast integration services, and our colleagues, at the IP Showcase, NAB 2018 – April 9-12.

Karl Paulsen, Chief Technology Officer & SMPTE Fellow, Diversified

Karl Paulsen, Chief Technology Officer & SMPTE Fellow, Diversified