Blurring the Lines of Pro AV and Broadcast Technology

How the pandemic accelerated the crossover of broadcast technologies into pro AV applications.

There is no question that the pandemic has had lasting impacts on how we live our lives and perform our work. From houses of worship to education to corporate, we’ve seen dramatic increases in the demand for streaming technologies as in-person events and activities were forced to suddenly pivot to a virtual audience. This sudden demand for reliable streaming capabilities greatly accelerated the crossover of broadcast technologies into traditionally pro AV applications.

Originally driven by limited product selections already in warehouses as well as the available operating talent, combining the technology presented new challenges to successful deployments. “Broadcast workflows are often designed around having quite a lot of people in the room. That often isn’t the case with education and house of worship, which often is volunteer based,” notes Andy Davies, Diversified director of M&E for EMEA in a recent InAVate interview. “We would always encourage people to think about the fact that they have to spend a little bit of money on training and professional services that go with a technology purchase to make sure you can get the most out of it.”

However, just as we have adapted to our changed habits, the same is true of this crossover. Over time, we’ve established better ways to leverage these technologies in new environments so that they meet more dynamic needs.

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