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Bundle Up for Improved Workplace Collaboration

How to Simplify Your Meeting Room Refresh with Purpose-built Collaboration Bundle

Remote collaboration has been a game changer—as well as a game saver—in our collective ability to sustain business continuity amid a chaotic year that offered no advanced preparation. However, several associates are now clearing off their dining room office setup as companies are trickling associates back into the workplace. While many of us are looking forward to a change of scenery after being confined to our homes for much of the year, we’re bringing with us a higher expectation of office technology upon our return.

After relying on just our laptops for months while working remote, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven an unprecedented adoption rate to modern unified collaboration platforms. Many users have gained a new appreciation of how easy meeting collaborations can be and are looking to continue that seamless experience in their workplace sessions. Additionally, social distancing requirements are continuing to drive the trend of decreasing the average meeting room size while increasing the number of them.

To help companies make this transition and deliver the collaboration tools their associates are craving, Promethean, Yamaha and DisplayNote have partnered together to deliver a comprehensive workplace collaboration bundle solution designed to enhance in-office collaboration effectiveness. With video and audio needs delivered from Yamaha and DisplayNote Launcher providing the meeting management software to power the interface and walk-up experience presented on Promethean’s interactive flat panel display, this strategically built bundle delivers a repeatable, easy-to-order collaboration solution.

As meeting spaces continue to evolve, the flexible design of this collaboration bundle enables a straight-forward deployment in even the most complex corporate environments to improve the collaboration and meeting experience for any size company. Seamlessly integrating with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex and other meeting solutions associates have been leveraging while working remote, this brings a familiarity of platform while enabling a more effective meeting environment.

Designed to work with your existing IT infrastructure and collaboration platforms you already use, this bundle enables you to simplify and standardize your meeting rooms to deliver a consistent user experience, including one-touch video calls.

Bundle System includes:

Ideal for corporate training centers, conference rooms, huddle spaces and more, this bundle delivers flexible innovation for any workspace, enabling companies to easily turn any room into a digital meeting space.

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