Poly Hybrid Learning Solutions

Bridge to the Next Normal

Technology-enhanced classrooms for hybrid learning environments

The global pandemic has brought unforeseen challenges to us all. Across borders. Across industries. There is ongoing uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring. In the face of uncertainty, our priority is continuity. The term ‘new normal’ spawned from this need to understand how we can and will continue our work to serve our clients and communities. Now, as we have emerged from the initial ‘shelter in place’ orders, we are actuating that ‘new’ normal’ and under a set of ever-changing, ever-challenging circumstances, we are already finding that our ‘new normal’ is evolving to our ‘next normal’.

The pandemic’s impact on higher education and K-12 facilities has been immense. The initial ‘new normal’ introduced remote learning to many schools and colleges, many of which were unprepared for the circumstances. While the return to classrooms takes place, many continue to teach and learn remotely. The ‘next normal’ for education is a hybrid learning model. Rather than choosing between in-person or remote instruction, facilities are making it possible for students and teachers to operate between both environments–building technology-enhanced classrooms that can serve in-person and remote attendees.

This hybrid model combines high-quality audio and video that is as easy to navigate and operate in person or remotely and allows for maximum flexibility. Remote learning is an experience drastically different from classroom learning, for both educators and students. Many people have been getting by using the integrated cameras and speakers found on their computers and laptops. But poor audio and video quality can be a huge impediment to a student’s ability to learn and engage confidently. Likewise, educators need to be seen and heard clearly and naturally to keep students focused. Now that hybrid-learning is the education model of the future, schools have recognized a gap in their technology needs and are quickly trying to deploy the infrastructure to support enhanced classrooms.

Poly delivers an end-to-end centralized management and global services for every teaching and learning style and space in multi-vendor environments. The company has a suite of voice, video and content sharing solutions perfect for the hybrid-model classroom. Their focus is on delivering the right experience for teachers and students alike, fostering the ability to speak and move freely with solutions like the Poly Studio, the EagleEye camera suite, and the Voyager Bluetooth headsets.

But more than that, Poly is going above and beyond to support schools with their free grant services. The Poly Grant Assistance Program (PGAP) connects you with the right funding and resources to fuel effective learning and build the bridge to the ‘next normal’ in education. Additionally, PGAP helps with research on where to find funding, strategies to best qualify for the right grant and even post-award support.

PGAP can help support schools to build the bridge to technology-enhanced hybrid classrooms and pave the pathway for staff and students to reach great learning outcomes.

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