Peace of Mind While Your Facilities are Empty

The Foundation for any Security System: Secured Access Control

It’s a cardinal rule that effective (strategic) security is accomplished in layers. But which layers are appropriate for your business, and your budget? Let’s start to answer that question with the first layer: secured access control.

Secured access control is simply a system that restricts access to a facility based upon a specified and schedule-driven access level. With it, users can ascertain who gained access to their facility or campus, when they were there and what areas they visited. Within its simplicity, secured access control is the foundation of any security system. However, there are many ways to make it strategic and more efficient for your organization no matter the industry you operate within.

Standardly, access control is accomplished with a card credential, which, to varying degrees, offers a measure of secured access. But, truly strategic implementation of an access control solution goes far beyond the card reader at the door. Now is the time to evaluate whether two-factor authentication, such as facial recognition is appropriate, or even a more secure credential like video verification. Not only can a more strategic access control solution limit or eliminate burglaries for offices and schools, but it can even help hospitals and healthcare facilities meet compliance standards or allow companies to monitor the activity of associates in a way that can improve corporate culture and morale. But how do we get there? The answer… an integrated, unified platform that leverages advances in IP technology and marries access control with intrusion, video surveillance, and emergency notification (all those other layers we’ll get to later in the series).

Migration to IP systems—a positive step in increasing situational awareness and response readiness—has never been easier or more cost effective. With increased availability of open solutions, organizations can minimize new hardware and wiring costs, while still benefiting from the advanced functionality of an IP-based system. Today, this presents a particularly helpful scenario, one in which you can utilize legacy hardware and manage your system at any time, from anywhere, leveraging your system’s mobility functionality.

Additionally, through use of an IP-based security management system, things like automation, integrated records management and remote monitoring that provides a single pane view of the entire enterprise at once all become possible. And not only are they possible, they take a simple secured access control system we talked about at the beginning to the strategic, comprehensive yet easy to use solution we need for operational efficiency, predictable outcomes and most importantly—24/7 asset protection.

At Diversified, we work with the world’s leading manufacturers and software providers to build and integrate the solution that’s just right for you and your organization. What’s more, we have 24/7 network operations centers ready to deploy critical technical support where and when you need it.

We are committed to providing you the tools to implement a strategic security solution that will connect your organization to peace of mind. Be sure to check back for the next installment of our Strategic Security blog series, Keeping ‘Eyes On’ from Anywhere with Video Surveillance.