Freedom of Speech

Unlocking the ultimate conference room audio system experience for the COVID and post-COVID workplace

While companies are carefully preparing for their return to the workplace, one of the biggest work habits that has changed in the past few months has been the way we meet. While remotely working from home, people have become more accustomed to unified communications and virtual meetings as an effective way to connect and collaborate. Predictions are that these habits will remain in place in the future–particularly in an uncertain future under COVID-19, where staggered workforces and social distancing in the office will be a reality. The question for many AV, IT and Infrastructure managers right now is, ‘are the conference room audio systems in my meeting spaces ready for this returning workforce?’

With factors such as health and safety being at the forefront of technological decision-making, alongside cost and functionality, there’s a growing interest in intuitive, intelligible meeting technology that will adapt to almost any possible future of the workplace we could face. Touchless rooms are the obvious example when thinking about minimized contact and streamlining meeting control systems for cleaner, safer surfaces. Conference room audio system technology however, should not be overlooked as meeting room microphones may be challenged to pick up the voices of less people, positioned at greater distances apart from one another, with the traditional option being to huddle around microphones now defying strict social distancing guidelines. Bad audio in virtual meetings is frustrating for all–distracting for those trying to speak and disruptive to those who are trying to listen.

So how do you achieve clear speech intelligibility in the new meeting room normal? By leveraging the ultimate in ceiling microphone technology that promotes, not inhibits, the freedom to speak and be heard!

Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 has unmistakable technology designed to automatically adapt to every imaginable use case–whether conferencing, presentation, or collaboration with remote participants–and is the perfect fit for every mid-to-large sized meeting room. One TeamConnect Ceiling 2 captures voices within a radius of up to nearly 650 square feet or 60 square meters–regardless of what you do in the room. Meeting participants have the comfort and confidence to speak and move freely as they present and share their ideas to the people surrounding them, and those connecting remotely–with the assurance that they are being heard loud and clear. Thanks to the unique patented automatic beamforming technology, your messages are clearly transmitted to external meeting participants from anywhere in the meeting room.

Logistics are also a big determinant of technology for infrastructure teams. With budgets likely restrained, ascertaining long-term value in technology is key. And TeamConnect Ceiling 2 offers just that. The possible meeting applications to suit the current COVID workplace reality and the post-COVID world include the ability to be used as an extender microphone for collaboration, hands-free presenting without the need for a carry mic for presenters, and the ability to connect to a video codec to increase pick-up range and free positioning. More than that, the Sennheiser Control Cockpit gives you a web interface control technology able to be accessed from any device on the network and easily controlled remotely by an IT Manager.

Right now, on the brink of the return to the workplace for many, it is the perfect time to refine your meeting room technology without disrupting workflow. Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is a seamlessly PoE-integrated solution that is flexible and formidable enough to adapt to any future reality we may face in the workplace.