AV Technology: The Technology Manager’s Guide to Conference Rooms, 2020

Explore key considerations and evolving technology solutions for tomorrow’s meeting spaces.

IT and AV design are working hand-in-hand to deliver today’s most collaborative and engaging meeting spaces. The evolution from traditional UC structure to a consolidated video and voice application has opened the door for new collaborative solutions.

“The market is focusing on how to bridge the gap, which used to be a voice application and videoconferencing application, and make it a true business communication and collaboration application,” says Stephen Jenkins, senior director of Diversified’s Intelligent Technology Solutions specialty.

When integrated properly, communication platforms offer enterprises the desired level of consistency, predictability and scalability. However, as more devices are moved to the network, cybersecurity becomes of growing concern to IT departments.

“As integrators, it’s incumbent upon us to make sure that we’re considering security. We’re being proactive and coming to the table with answers to that question,” comments Nathan Jones, director of sales for Diversified’s Intelligent Technology Solutions team.

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