AV Technology: Managing New Services

Technology allows for business continuity solutions during the COVID-19 crisis, enables people to stay at home and continue to work.

As cities throughout the U.S. and the world recently came under orders to stay at home with little notice, the daily workday changed dramatically for most and it changed at a rapid pace. As essential businesses that provide critical infrastructure, technology consultants and integrators have long been considered “first responders” in helping clients with solutions to maintain business continuity during times of crisis.

In a recent article by AV Technology, insights were shared on this topic by consultants and integrators including Diversified’s Derek Paquin, VP of Advanced Visual Environments in the Midwest, and Stephen Jenkins, senior director of Intelligent Technology Solutions.

Diversified has sold, deployed, and supported a robust suite of virtual collaboration solutions since its inception. “We understand that the shift to working from home has potential has potential impacts concerning these collaboration tools, different workflows, productivity, and security,” says Jenkins.

“We have clients who use our on-site specialist services,” adds Paquin. “Because there were pre-established relationships between our technical teams and client senior leadership, we were able to set up a remote video production studio within our client’s home so they can maintain a consistent cadence of communication by video with their teams. Additionally, the video messaging enabled a much more personal and engaging large-group touch point than an email.”

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