Creating Scalable Video Conference Solutions

Diversified executive vice president and long-time industry veteran provides insights on safety and scalable technology trends

As companies begin to ease the transition from working strictly from home and start welcoming their associates back to the workplace, safety is top priority when updating in-office collaboration technology. Tom Spearman, executive vice president at Diversified, sat down with AV Network’s Cindy Davis to discuss the challenges and trends the company is seeing in creating scalable video conference solutions.

“While we’re still in the pandemic, we’re being asked by many of our clients, ‘How do I create a contactless conference room—one where people don’t have to interact with a shared surface to be able to start the technology, dial a telephone number, dial a video call, et cetera?’,” says Spearman. “Barco ClickShare is certainly one solution on the forefront as it allows people to walk into a conference room and only have to interact with their notebook PC that they touch all the time. They’re able to launch a call and have a productive video collaboration session.”

Delivering contactless conference rooms that support flexibility in the platforms people have become accustomed to while working from home is a strategic focus for many companies—especially the ability to accomplish this to scale for their unique circumstances.

Other topics discussed include:

  • Current demand for reliable and scalable contactless collaboration solutions
  • Adapting to the platforms that everyone has been using while at home the last 6 months
  • Importance of manufacturer security certifications when implementing technology within the overall system design
  • Value of considering tangible and intangible variables when defining RFPs for videoconference solutions
  • Service and support considerations including Technology as a Service, Conference Room as a Service, and AV as a Service models

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