AV Magazine: Developing AV Talent

Cultivating the next-generation workforce in the AV and technology industries.

The AV and technology industries have evolved significantly over the last two decades and there are no indications that this evolution is slowing down. Now more than ever industry experts of today need to foster the talents of tomorrow – talents that look markedly different to what they did 30+ years ago.

There are now a multitude of unique pathways into the industry, driven mostly by an individual’s forward-thinking innovation and a drive to propel the industry in new directions.

One emerging career in AV and technology is content creation and design – primarily for digital signage, but increasingly for interactive art and application development. Content creation has become a more important component of successful technology solutions and many AV companies are just beginning to build the skill sets necessary to deliver content-rich, immersive experiences.

Kamila Marcinczak, National Marketing Manager and Content Creation Director at Rutledge AV, A Diversified Company, has helped to develop the company’s content design services since 2013, based on her graphic design background.

“The early days of offering content services were exciting because the pressure was on to get it right,” Marcinczak says. “We were utilizing a new skill set with some of the traditional resources we had.”

Drawing from the disciplined design-thinking approach of our subject matter experts and working collaboratively with clients to understand their vision, Diversified has built a successful portfolio of content creation projects and now offers a comprehensive content creation service to clients from all industries.

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