MarketScale Interviews Diversified’s Stuart Reynolds

Unique AV Dynamics in Live Events and Sports Stadiums

AV Dynamics in Live Events and Sports StadiumsAs the quality of home theater systems continues to improve, offering the immersive experience from the comfort and convenience of your own sofa, sports stadiums and arenas are feeling the pressure of having to deliver a new kind of experience. Stuart Reynolds, Director of Diversified’s Sports and Live Events specialty, sat down with Daniel Litwin of ProAV Podcast to find out how today’s venues are tackling these challenges and winning back their in-person game day fans with AV dynamics in live events and sports stadiums.

There’s a strong need to pull people into the unique live event atmosphere at stadiums that just can’t be captured at home. “It’s not necessarily people just sitting in their seats,” says Stuart. “They’re wanting to experience the venue and the people that they’ve come there with, so there’s very much a social and family element that’s been brought into today’s major league venues.”

Today’s stadiums are leveraging displays to heighten the live experience and deliver engaging content that maintains the energy and crowd excitement. It becomes a cultural event to be a part of the activity and experience it in community with others.

While it’s a bit of an arms race for 4K and HDR technology, many stadiums are opting to go the HDR route over the more popularized 4K. Not only can it offer cost savings during expensive renovations, but the majority of the fans present would never be able distinguish the difference from their viewing distance.

Input like this is just one of the reasons that a trusted technology partner is a valuable player to have on your bench. It’s critical to balance the needs of an architect driven process and an entertainment driven process. You must start with the end experience in mind first, and then back into it with the technology needs and how to achieve it.

“[During the upgrade process] we become part of [the venue] staff,” says Stuart. “We’re your advocate during the design and build, and then because we worked together through that process, when the time comes to occupy that space and drive that content, everything initially talked about together comes to fruition. The dream is realized, the ease of operation is realized.”


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