New Venue Makes Serious Splash as Seattle Releases the Kraken

Diversified delivers arena technologies throughout Seattle’s new Climate Pledge Arena for unforgettable fan experience.

After the announcement that Seattle would be home to the newest club in the NHL, Climate Pledge Arena partnered with Diversified to deliver arena technologies that would produce a fan experience to amplify the excitement as the Kraken was released in front of a city of new fans.

“It’s one thing for a team to get into a new facility and learn new workflows,” says Brad Fisher, senior account executive at Diversified, “but it’s another thing to build a franchise. What [the Kraken] had to do was monumental.”’

Determined to bring their ambitions to fruition, Kraken production staff and Diversified teamed up to deliver a venue that would immerse the fans in the on-ice action—delivering not only the production control room, audio and AV throughout the arena but also the engaging and fan-favorite ice-projection technologies.

“This was an extremely fun project to work on because they truly had a clean slate,” Mike Meglathery, project manager at Diversified says. “There was a lot of brainstorming and throwing ideas around, but it got down to building as much flexibility as possible to leave room for future growth.”

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