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Diversified Integrates One of the First all-IP Video Production Control Rooms for Chase Center, Golden State Warriors

Home of the Golden State Warriors, Chase Center is a world-class sports and entertainment venue providing incredible fan experiences with more than 64 LED video displays including the star of the arena—a massive center-hung scoreboard with almost 10,000 sq. ft. of surface LED space—the largest center-hung display in the NBA. The entire video display package, prominently scattered throughout the arena, places a strong emphasis on giving fans all the information they could want from who is in the game to video replays and common stats—information that is fed from a one-of-a-kind, all-IP video production control room, built and integrated by Diversified based on a state-of-the-art design created in collaboration with WJHW.

In a recent article by Sound & Communications, Diversified’s SVP of Sports & Live Events, Duane Yoslov, talks about the ground breaking arena technology solution. “The technology needs to be invisible to the production staff,” Yoslov declared. “The engineering staff should be able to present them with the equivalent of an SDI world without ever having to change how they work. That’s where integrators and designers need to collaborate with venue engineering staffs.” He continued, “[The key is] bringing the venue engineers in on the design, installation and commissioning phases of the project so they can follow it from the beginning. That’s what we do on every project.”

One of the first sports venues to deploy an all-IP video infrastructure, Chase Center is sure to amaze fans from near and far and provide game-time experiences that just can’t be duplicated at home.

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